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Matcha, Boba, Tea & Coffee Ingredients


Trà Space Story

Trà in Vietnamese means Tea. And the story of Trà Space really starts from a passion for discovery, healthy ingredients, and traveling to different cultures to learn about how Tea is important to people all over the world.


My sister Anh and I grew up in Danang Vietnam. A country with over three thousand years of traditional tea drinking traditions. Our Dad even opened up a tea room in our home town and it was full of friends and family, congregating in that space, drinking tea and sharing stories. His tea room was never a financial success, but looking back today - his vision was a seed that planted the idea in me and my Sister’s heads to have our own business.


Since those early days in Vietnam, my Sister and I always wanted to learn more about the tea, boba, and everything else you can drink. And that’s what we hope Tra Space can become. This is a space to discover new flavors and experiences. A space to have fun in.

In the 90’s our family emigrated to the US, and eventually settled here in Southern California. We did all the normal things, finished school, found corporate jobs, etc. But our excitement and passion for tea just kept growing. We loved trying new Boba spots all over California. We discovered the amazing flavors and health benefits of Matcha. And eventually, we decided to pool our resources and make a leap of faith in launching Tra Space.

Our little tea shop is that dream come to life. A futuristic Matcha / Boba / Coffee shop that focuses on the things we care about. The best ingredients. Healthy and invigorating drinks. Discovering new exciting flavors.

I hope you’ll stop by, try something new, and enjoy the many benefits of a very old traditional drink, and all the exciting new things you can do with it.

- Mia and Anh


Our Trà

Iced Tea

Only the Best

We use only the best ingredients. Premium matcha, sourced directly from a small farm in Uji, Japan. Green tea from the hills of Northern Thailand, and Black and Oolong teas from Taiwan.

Boba Tea

No Guilt

Drinking Boba shouldn’t make you feel guilty! We use less sweeteners and no artificial creamers in our drinks. And add your favorite alt-milk like Almond or Oat.

Iced Matcha Tea

Everyday Life

Matcha for everyday life! Packed with tons of antioxidants, catechins and EGCG compounds, this super drink will have you feeling energized without the caffeine-crash...out of this world.

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